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The top 3 secrets for communicating your ideas on verbal ways

Nov 18, 2019 1:17:38 PM / by Karina Miotto




Communication is a part of everyone’s life. We all need it. We all have great ideas and sometimes the best way of sharing them with others is trough talking. You may want to share it with your colleagues, your boss, at an event or even with your audience on your social media. But, how can you do this effectively? Here are some tips that can be helpful to you.

Learn as much as you can

The first thing is to retain as much information as you can about your project. The more you research matters related to your ideas, the more confident you will feel to talk about it. Study what you love, go deep into the knowledge. You should research experts on the field of your topic – what are they saying? What are them sharing? What about science? Is there any scientific articles that could give you enough data about a topic you want to talk about? What are the most important and reliable media sources? You can choose from networks such as radios, websites, newspapers. What do they have have already published about what you want to talk? The more information you have, the better.

Personal experience

Experience makes you the master. It compliments all the knowledge gained with the researching process. You don’t need to wait until you learn a lot of information about your topic first in order to look for actual experience. Gaining experience is important because you will commit mistakes and will learn from it. You will be faced with good challenges and opportunities to evolve. The more you put yourself in the arena, the more stories you will have to share. Do you want to talk about children’s education? So, study about it and look for a job or volunteer helping children. Do you love talking about travelling and its benefits for health? Study about it, look for opportunities to travel. Do you want to launch a website about business? Maybe working in a Public Relations agency will help you gain experience.

Speak up and believe in yourself

Many people don’t feel confident enough to share their thoughts through verbal communication. There are many limited beliefs around it, such as “I am not good enough”, “nobody will be interested in listening to what I have to say” or even “what do people will think about me once I share my ideas?”. None of these beliefs are useful for those who are destined to grow. Don’t believe them. Instead, use them as challenges to be faced and…speak up! Challenge yourself.

There is a reason why talking about your ideas is important to you. A very important tip is connecting yourself with your deepest motivation. Why do you want to share this idea? Is this project important to you? Knowing the why and connecting with the real purpose of your project will give you faith in yourself.

Strong verbal communication skills are extremely important to personal and professional lives. By being confident and clear while sharing your ideas and projects, you will receive the respect of others and be recognized as a master in your field of expertise. It can open important doors to your development.

Please, let us know how useful these tips were and if you want to keep learning about them.

Karina Miotto

Written by Karina Miotto

Environmental journalist, deep ecologist. Social sustainability & marketing team

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