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Envirotech Education hosts Boma Momentum event viewing party

Feb 3, 2020 10:50:50 AM / by Karina Miotto


Boma is a global community made from optimistic, resolutely committed and active people that are rethinking the world. Envirotech rejoices to support this movement


Have you ever heard about Boma? Probably not yet! Boma is a global community that brings together optimistic, resolutely committed and active people to rethink the world. Boma was co-founded by Lara Stein, one of the creators of TEDx platform, from TED events.


The official launch of Boma happened in Paris on the 27th of January. It had more than 3000 participants, over 100 places in the world organizing viewing parties and 15 inspiring speakers. It opened space for dialogue between citizens, companies, politicians, activists, and experts. The aim; to launch a new decade of positive action to shape a better future.


And with much joy we would like to share with you that we are one of the locations in the world to host this event! Our school’s vision is to make a good impact by promoting real and positive change.


Our viewing party will happen next Thursday from 4:30 to 7:30 pm in room 31 at our Burleigh Heads Campus (62-66 Goodwin Terrace, Burleigh Heads QLD 4220). You will have an exclusive and unique opportunity to observe from here what occurred in Paris.


We aim to create the same atmosphere of change that was made in Paris. Do you know people that are making a difference? Invite them to come. Do you consider yourself a change maker, an activist, someone that cares about the future of our planet? This event is for you. Do you want to invest in projects that will shape the world? Do you feel helpless, not knowing what to do? Do you want to take your first step by meeting inspiring change makers? Come! This event is for you too!


Invite your friends, join us. Just a reminder: our space is limited. The event starts at 4:30.

The program


"Understanding Understanding"

Embracing the complexity of our world


Session 1: Healing our world

The opportunity to act

Reconciling business with our planet

Reconciling business with our society


Session 2: Healing Humanity

Reconciling humanity with itself

What about you?


The speakers

• Marc Buckley, UN SDGs advocate

• Kaila Colbin, co-founder of Boma Global and CEO of Boma New Zealand

• Coralie Chevallier, cognitive science researcher

• Pascal Demurger, managing director of MAIF

• Lara Stein, co-founder and CEO of Boma Global

• Gad Elmaleh, comedian, actor, director

• Théo Scubla & Fanny Prigent, CEO and COO of Wero

• Richard Saul Wurman, creator of the TED conference

• Brando Crespi, anthropologist and environmentalist

• Arnaud Deschamps, CEO of Nespresso France

• Raghava KK, artist

• Lyes Louffok, author and specialist educator

• David Walters, author, composer, performer and producer

• Bolewa Sabourin & William Njaboum, dancers with Loba


About Envirotech Education:

Envirotech Education was established in 2008 and is committed to the delivery of high quality courses. The school is an Australian Registered Training organization (RTO) registered by the Australian Skill Quality Authority (ASQA) for delivery to domestic and international students.

Envirotech Education has above all a vision and mission for educating adults and youth in the essential values required to form a strong, confident and positive footprint across different disciplines and industries.

The Envirotech Sustainability Faculty is dedicated to making sustainability an important driver for business growth. Envirotech is currently the only education institution in Australia offering the Diploma of Sustainable Operations. We also offer other environmentally related courses and we are constantly developing new courses involving sustainability. The school's newest release are the Certificates II and III in Marine Restoration and Conservation starting in 2020. Last year, the school was the winner of the Queensland Premier Award for Sustainability and the CEO Mrs Shelly Bengiat was a finalist for Premier Award for International Woman in Business.


About Boma Community:

Though this century is still young, we have witnessed a wave of cultural disruptions that now greatly threaten our future — and are only gaining momentum.

Over the past two decades, we’ve watched the digital revolution divide us in ways we never imagined; we’ve seen the progress made on environmental sustainability reversed by greedy special interests; and we’ve witnessed unprecedented polarization and inequality spread across the globe.

However, a new decade is beginning — and with it a new opportunity to take action. Our community has long fought to tame these disruptions and to make our technology and our economies work for the common good. This new decade now impels us to rethink our way of understanding the world and to better grasp its complexity. We need to believe in our creativity, our capacity for resilience, and our power to spark real change at both the individual and collective levels.

Above all, we need to build a new kind of momentum — one that not only counteracts the disruptions we face, but also builds a sustainable world and a better future for all of us.

To confirm your presence, please write to karina.miotto@envirotech.edu.au or register at Eventbrite on this link.

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Karina Miotto

Written by Karina Miotto

Environmental journalist, deep ecologist. Social sustainability & marketing team

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