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Envirotech Education announces online courses for Australian high schools

May 11, 2020 9:42:19 AM / by Envirotech Education



Covid19 has come to shake the world - and with it, our behaviours, our work, our world views, our paths. Many of us started questioning politics, economics, education. As an educational institution, we were not left out. 

Therefore, we have decided to increase our scope of action. Besides all the work we have been doing for the past decade with domestic and international students, we started to invest in the intelligence and hearts of young people who are in highs schools all over Australia. 

For this reason, we have adapted all our courses for the youngest generations as well. From now on, every school in the country can benefit from our courses by sharing them with their students. 

"Envirotech believes that the youth of today are the ones who will change the future. Embed our courses into high schools will enable students to learn, grow, and be able to assist in changing our future", explains Samantha Lee, Academic Manager at Envirotech Education. 

The world has changed, and a new type of leader is needed to build the future that is around the corner. Truth needs to be told - the "normalities" of the last 200 years have built a world in profound crisis: economic, political, ecological, social. All crisis needs to be addressed immediately, and empowering the youngest generation is key to positive change not only to the planet but also to their own lives. "Students can expect to receive knowledge, but they are also going to be working with real-life situations and creating solutions", complements Samantha. 

From now on, high school can have access to many of our courses in different fields of study: environmental sciences, digital media and technology, business, leadership and management, marketing and communication, early childhood education and care, hospitality and culinary. 

All courses for high schools can be either delivered 100% online, face-to-face or in a blended mode for most of our courses, with attractive scholarships, 24/7 assistance for assessments through "teams" platform for communication, and professional trainers. 

All information about how to enrol and being with us on this new project can be found on our exclusive website for high schools: https://schools.envirotech.edu.au/ 

On this website, we offer free downloads from three of our courses related to Marine life, Sustainability, and Digital Media Technologies. 

We are all living and witnessing the birth of a new time.  

Visit our new website, give us a phone call. It will be very good to co-create it with you! 

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