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Stay in fashion this season

Sep 11, 2019 10:22:47 AM / by Liam Whatmore

Tired of wearing the same clothes? Try out some of these online stores to receive some incredible discounts to keep you looking fresh all year round.



ASOS offers really affordable deals. They always have a sale on plus a student discount of a further 10%. This is a great alternative if you’re on a budget or just want to save money. Their content will keep you browsing for hours!


City Beach

When you shop online rather than in the store, students receive an additional 20% off. City Beach offers a wide range of beach/surf clothes. This is perfect for the Gold Coast because of the warm temperatures. Grab a pair of swimmers and head out this summer!


Gym Shark

It doesn’t hurt to look stylish when working out. Save 10% when you shop online. Maybe there’s a person in the gym that has caught your eye and you want to impress them with your fashion sense. Or maybe you just want to look great and gain that self confidence boost you’ve long waited for. Try Gym Shark and their impressive collection of innovative gym wear. It will be making you feel motivated and younger in no time! Healthy body, healthy mind, right?


Sunglasses Boutique

In the harsh Australian sun, it is imperative that you protect your eyes from the UV rays. You only get gifted with one set of eyes so you may as well protect them. Sunglasses Boutique offer 30% off all your great brands.



Get a new pair of kicks this season with Platypus and their huge variety of shoes! Receive an additional 10% off when you shop online. The average person walks about five times around the world in their life time, so it is a necessity to pick the right pair of shoes to keep you comfortable on your journey.

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Liam Whatmore

Written by Liam Whatmore

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