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Policy and procedures for sustainability for a changing world

Jun 10, 2020 12:40:50 PM / by Sebastian Goldhorn 

austin-distel-wawEfYdpkag-unsplashThe world is changing fast and we will need to adapt our lives and review our environmental impacts personally but also in our workplaces. Only then can we secure a healthy future for us and for our planet. 

Why is now a good time to look into your sustainability policies for your business? 

Most of 2020 – Drought 

Nov/ Dec 2019 – Australia is hit by the worst bushfire season 

Jan 2020 – Parts of Australia are hit by flooding and major rainfalls 

Feb 2020 to ? - Covid 19 

“We are all in there together” – that’s what I hear on every corner in every news. But are we? Are we really all pulling on the same string? Is it that we all have the same ability and tools to re-evaluate our next steps? And should that even matter if we do? 

The fact is that we as a community need to think about all our actions and resources and take the recent events as a catalyst for change. 

A community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. The common characteristic should now shift to focusing on thinking about others in our actions as social sustainability is a big factor in change.  

To be really having an effect on making a difference globally is finding ways to enhance your sustainable practices in our workplaces. We do not have to be a business owner or a manager to make changes here either, but we will need to educate ourselves on how to make those changes successfully.  

If you are struggling or are overwhelmed to find the right ways to make a change or how to implement them, Envirotech is offering the Develop Workplace Policy and Procedures for sustainability unit in which we are discussing ways to develop new sustainable ideas, their impacts and how you could implement such practices in either your own business or in a business you work for.  

Here are some ideas about what we can do personally to enhance and/or protect the wellbeing of others but also health of our planet: 

On a personal level that might seem easy. Just treat everyone the same as you would like to be treated, maybe extend this to all our animal friends as well. Most of us are already aware of sustainable practices such as sorting out rubbish, saving water and using energy derived from sustainable practices such as solar. So, let´s take this step. 

We all pretty much will need to start again when restrictions are lifted so now is the time to set yourself apart from your competitors and/or show your boss and colleagues the benefits of new and exciting innovative sustainable ideas to make your workplace part of the community that is investing in the future. 

Show the world that you think about others and the health of our earth by implementing sustainable changes not only in yourself but also in your workplace. 

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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