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Aussie Slang - 25 Australian Slang Terms to Nail the Student party

Feb 7, 2019 2:54:11 PM / by Yulia Darmorez

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Australians—I mean, Aussies—love to shorten all of the words. Aussies enjoy to have a good yarn (chat). But, they want to make it quick…or maybe they are just lazy. Whatever the reason, abbreviations are an essential part of understanding a true Aussie.

We would say it's more than just a slang, it’s a national hobby to get the phrases, words and sentences shorten. It may sound easy but try to figure out the one below:


“Deffodowning some cabsav sarvo”.

("I will most certainly be enjoying a glass or two of a fine cabernet sauvignon in the latter part of the day.")

Got confused? No worries, we are here to help you out! Let’s go through some essentials. What do you need to know to order some food and drinks:

  1. Brekkie – a breakfast

  2. Snags - the sausages

  3. Lollies - regular sweets, not lollipops

  4. Barbie — barbeque

  5. Bum-nuts — eggs

  6. Cuppa — a cup of tea

  7. Murphy — potato

  8. Sanger — sandwich

  9. Avo - Avocado

  10. Paw Paw - Papaya

  11. Choccy - chocolate sweets

  12. Baba - small, rich sponge cake usually soaked in rum

  13. Pavlova, Pav - traditional meringue dessert with glazed fruit on top named for the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova

  14. Chook - chicken

  15. Mash - mashed potatoes





We have more! Find below the list of words you can use at the student party. It always easier to find new friends when you are on the same page:

16. Ripper - really great

17. Bottle - O -‘bottle shop’, a store that sells alcohol

18. Goon - cheap wine sold in large cartons

19. Maccas - McDonald's

20. She’s a bloody ripper - something awesome

21. Slab - 24-pack of beer

22. Tinny - can beer

23. Muso - band player

24.Facey - Facebook

25. Root - sexual intercourse

We hope it was useful. At least, now you know that it’s better to avoid showing your support in Australia by saying  “The whole group will be rooting for him”. It may be confusing and cause a lot of laugh among Aussies.

Have a good one!


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