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6 Steps to Study and Enjoy Australia (Infographic)

Sep 6, 2018 5:45:00 PM / by Yulia Darmorez

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The country famous for kangaroos, surfing and koalas, but there is much more to Australia. Australia covers an area of 7.69 million square kilometers. Making it the 6th largest country in the world and home to over 23 million people. It is the only continent governed as a single country! Its rich culture and history are founded on its Aboriginal heritage and blend of vibrant cultures. Australia is a global leader in education. This is one of the many reasons why students from around the world choose to study there.

Envirotech Education is your home away from home for domestic and international students.

Envirotech’s vision is to bring our students into the 21st century through innovation and modern technology. Learning will be enhanced by educational platforms and project based practical training that will allow students to proceed at their own pace per their abilities and desired career outcomes.

We believe that the human brain operates better, absorbing more information, when it’s happy. Envirotech endeavors for our campus design and locations to bring together the cultural diversity and natural beauty of their surrounds to create the best student experiences possible. In addition to the beautiful surroundings, we make every effort to ensure our students have the most comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. We do this with all our heart. Therefore, we built our two beautiful campuses at magnificent beachfront locations in Byron Bay and in the Gold Coast.

We created an infographic for you to show that enrolling with us is easy and fast. We would be happy to welcome you in Australia.




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